Why SEO needs good content?
Writing content for web pages should have quality content or it will not serve its purpose. Writing content for a product or service should contain information. The information it contains should address an issue, provide a solution or add value or knowledge to your readers. The information should be legit and can be verified if ones want in order to establish credibility and usefulness.
How does your content write-up connect with your SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting quality and quantity traffic to your website through organic search engine results. SEO is basically the measurable and repeatable process used to send signals to the search engine that your pages contain quality information worthy to show in the Google index. SEO is responsible for the ranking of pages containing the keyword which are displayed in search results.
If the website is not optimized and contents are of no quality, your website cannot be displayed on the first page and will rank probably in the end. Landing your website on the first page ranked first on the search result would mean getting traffic. This would also mean that your website contains a lot of information that contains a value, contains answer and provide a solution to the issue, your readers are facing. This could also mean more revenue. Why revenue?
More revenue in the sense that if your website contains the information they need, they will come to you, contact you, and avail the products or services you offer which they think can help them with whatever issues, problems or skills they want. And because the information given is verifiable, they would surely recommend you to their networks. Recommendations coming from a happy client or customer could boost your website morale as well as you as a service provider.
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