Website Development and Management service is for those businesses who do not have website of their own and for those who have already a website but don’t have time to manage.

Having a website of your own is advantageous for your business. You would ask me why? Your website will tell your guest, clients and visitors about your business, what good it can bring to them, what else you can offer to them, how these things can help them, and so on. Nowadays, your customers are already educated, more upgraded than you do so give them what they need to know and provide them what they need through your website.

You website should contain importance about you, your business and other things that can assure your clients and customers that the products or services you offer is legal and beneficial for them. The information posted in the ABOUT US page should give your customers details of who you are, what is your business all about, how you started, why are you doing this kind of business and so on. This should also contain legal document of your business. The documents will also tell your prospects that the business is operating and is currently earning an income. With this, your customer can feel that you are serious in your business and can feel the assurance to do transactions with you.

Your website should also contain the Data Privacy Policy page where your customers are given assurance that the information stored in your website will not be shared to anyone, will not be used against them and will never spam them. The data stored should be keep confidential and can be generated or deleted if your customer requested for it.

Website Management is done when you are too busy to monitor and do upgrades of your website. You, among others would only want to keep your business up and running and at the same time expand to other niche. Management of the website alone would take you an hour or more, thus hiring someone to do that for you are just practical, rather than you making time for web management. The time you spend in checking, and updating can be used to study business deals, checking business standing and transactions.

Website Development and Management Services  includes :

Start-ups (no existing website)

1-Year Free Domain Name

1-Year Free WebHosting

1-Year Free Website Management

5-standard pages (contents included)

Exceeds 5 pages – Php 1, 000.00 per page

SSL (optional)

Price: Php 18, 000.00


Everything from Start-up

Custom Email Address and Logo

Facebook Page

20 Products

Price: Php 25, 000.00


Everything from Start-up

Custom Email Address and Logo

Email Templating

Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram Accounts

50 Products

Price: Php 35, 000.00