Social Media Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses social media platforms in promoting business online.

Social Media Marketing includes creation of your account on popular social media platforms, manages social media accounts, create social media content calendar planning and scheduling and conducts your social media marketing campaign which aims to create awareness and consideration and to help them arrive at a decision in availing and purchasing your products.

Nowadays, if your business does not include online, you can be left behind. Many of our customers are anchored in social media channels. They can easily engage in any business with a social media account rather than a traditional one. It plays a major role in our lives considering the leap of technology we have. Customers tend to search on the website; many are using facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, and the likes.

If they cannot find your products or services online, they will look for another supplier or contacts online which can give them the products or services they need, rather than visiting your store and making physical order. They think that doing these things will cost them more time and energy, that’s why almost all consumers prefer to have their products and services online. Bringing your products online targets almost all consumers around the world.

Social Media Marketing can create a brand and name for your business. You can reach out to both old and new connections with which can help you expand your business networks. Social Media Marketing can help create Brand awareness, the people can see what your product is all about, and it is cost effective. Cost Effective in the sense that you no longer paid for advertisement to market your products online.

Price list if you want business to be promoted online:

Social Media Marketing and Management

Custom Email Address and Logo

Facebook Page

Twitter Account

Instagram Account

Youtube Account/Channel

21-days social media marketing campaign

Optional: Php 5, 000.00 (on a retainer basis after the 21-day campaign)

Price: Php 10, 000.00