SEO Content Writing is very much important in every website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a form of writing that consists of keywords or phrases that lets your website become visible in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO Content writing is not just keywords or phrases but it’s a content write up. The topic can vary depending on the products or services being offered as long as the content has quality. SEO Content Writing is more on content marketing, the visibility of your website depends largely on the quality of the content being published and the keywords or key words or phrases used is linked onto the content.

Aren’t you curious on how the ranking of pages done when you do a Google search? The ranking is done with the use of the keyword or phrases entered during the SEO Content Writing. When you do searching for a specific topic, you are not typing the whole sentence but the keywords you remember, because Google and other major search engines can crawl on the content of the topics you searched, it can display the topics you input in the search bar in ranking. The search only takes a second to display all related topics ranked already. The ranking is determined according to the quality of the content being published, thus you really need to spend time to make a good quality content so your website can rank first and appear in the first page of the search engine.

A color indicator will appear if your content has a good SEO score. Colors are as follows; Red if your content is lacking, no quality and contains missing links, Orange color will appear if the content readable and a score of OK for readability, and Green if your content is of good quality having SEO score of GOOD.  Content writing is very much important if you want your website to be visible in all search engines. Good SEO scored website can help you target your clients and customers to sell your products.

There are many reasons why content writing for SEO is important, and among them is developing a good content, and it’s what Google needs to be able to do the ranking.

Price: Php 180.00 per 300 words