Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative (RIPAMCO) was an idea brought into existence by the former Barangay Captain of Benliw, Honorable Roberto Cuyacot in the year 2003. The existence of the cooperative is solely for the purpose of creating livelihood program for the locality. The locals primarily engaged in farming (rice, root crops, vegetables) and very few into Livestock. With this purpose in alleviating poverty and creating another source of income aside from farming of which is very dependent on nature’s condition to get a good harvest, thus the Cooperative comes in.

Our Journey
It was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority last January 2004 to legally operate and engaged in the business, elected seven (7) Board of Directors and fifteen (15) committee members. Equipment rentals and financing of farmers’ inputs like fertilizers and pesticides as loans paid during harvest are the main income generators of the Cooperative. It was quite a challenge for the first year since the revenue we envision to give us full return did not pay off, plus the management of the cooperative was difficult for the first-timers.

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