Masaje de Bohol: the home of soothing Boholano touch.

Masaje De Bohol, founded last September 8, 2015, is a STABLE family-owned business.

Located at 2nd Floor Gallares Court Building, Pook Pantalan, Fronting STK, Cogon District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines.
Our excellence and dedication in providing a safe, effective and PREDICTABLE COMFORT massage to our clients makes us known to the people.
After all the hard work, great team effort, and affordable services, people got FAMILIAR with us hence, recognized as the home of soothing Boholano touch.
Our licensed and DEPENDABLE therapists are always learning and improving their techniques to deliver treatments with pure relaxation.
Masaje De Bohol offer various services you need at rates you can afford such as Thai massage, Swedish massage, sauna and many more.
We pride ourselves in being a haven for relaxation and peacefulness.
A healing facility which employs professional masseur/masseuse. We have over 10 masseur/masseuse who are more than dedicated to bringing the best quality and best service.
Our masseur or masseuse received extensive education in massage therapy. They have many years of experience. All of them are TESDA certified. While 7 are DOH licensed. We focus not only on relaxation but your optimum or greatest wellness by offering full range services that are always beyond satisfactory.

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