Profarm’s Colored Rice is a product of Carmen Samahang Nayon Multi-Purpose Cooperative. An organized cooperative aimed to provide efficient and methodical products to our consumers. Profarm ensures healthy and good quality chemical free rice through detailed and precise production from seeding to harvesting.

Profarm products underwent quality standards procedures favorable to the commodity outcome. Our colored rice producers are selected organic farmers. In addition, they underwent series of trainings with partnership of the Department of Agriculture, KABOOM (Kapulungan sa Bol-anong Organikong Magsasaka) and PAKISAMA (Pambansang Kilusan ng Samahang mag-uuma).

Today, due to high demands foods are industrialized. Hence, quantity over quality, industries are aiming for profits rather than health benefits. Because of this, we are daily facing risk of eating chemically processed food in our tables. From genetically modified organism (GMO) rice to plastic rice, our market is vulnerable to this modern day threats. Diseases are probably results of unhealthy eating lifestyle build-up over time.

This is why Profarm is offering the masses an opportunity of naturally grown colored rice from out selected organic farmers. We believe that quality is better than quantity. Profarms limited products are results of meticulous standards to offer the healthiest colored rice on the table.

Profarm’s natural option is design to negate the norms of the chemically-controlled food market. Everybody wants to be healthy. Eating naturally-produced foods has always been the best advice since the advent of science of nutrition. Our products are available in leading supermarkets and online outlets. Be disease free, eat chemical free.

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