CMARFE Delicacy and Souvenir Shop


CMARFE Delicacy and Souvenir Shop a shop established and managed by Rank and File Employees of Local Government Unit of Carmen . These professionals are working at Municipality of Carmen, Poblacion Sur, Carmen, Bohol. The association opened the shop on March 2018. The shop accepts different products that pass the quality standards and suite in the business name either from the member offices of LGU-Carmen and other trusted suppliers.


We have a different kinds of delicacies and souvenirs that would suite to different of tourist who took a vacation. Our products are made from the materials and ingredients of the locality. The delicacy are naturally made and processed and most of it are hand-made. Banana chips and pritzels are the most sold products among the delicacies. One the other hand, souvenirs are from the available materials from crops and goods in the province. Either it is hand-made or machine-aided, those are quality products.  The best sellers of the souvenirs are hand bags which are durable and affordable. For consumer’s concern, our staff check and ensure our product is safe, good, durable.


CMARFE Delicacy and Souvenir Shop site is at Chocolate Hills Complex, Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol. A distant away from the Municipal Building of Carmen where the most of the member of the association are working. Staff informs the customer’s about the available products and keep looking for potential clients who loves delicacies and souvenirs. The shop is in the middle that overlooks the beautiful of Chocolate Hills that spread throughout the entire municipality.

Our variety delicacies and souvenirs made passionately from the with the trademark of locality. The designs crafted based with the tourist attraction of the town and brings forth the province. Here at CMARFE Delicacy and Souvenir Shop, we are an expressive professional who believes in the power of sensory experience in finding personal look. Our warm and social interaction will be a confidence builder optimistically makes your hearts swell, pulses race, emotions rise. The shop concern are safety, style and taste matters and makes it the “Home of Boholano Delicacies and Souvenirs”.

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