I believe that start-ups in business, as well as personal, should be given priority and I make it my goal to help. I want to see businesses and personal career go a higher level than it was before, and because of that, I choose this niche to better position myself in providing assistance especially for start-up businesses.

Professional Freelancer and Web Developer, skilled in Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing, Creating Social Media Presence, Social Media Content Calendar, Planning, Social Media Manager, Content Writer of the site I developed and managed. I confirm the idea that one should never stop learning and acquire new skills to cope up with the trends. Function as a mediator that links business owners and suppliers to online prospects, deliver results which are structured and effectual to the online world, vigilant for the updates, and maintaining a composed demeanor without falter.

Currently working as a Technical Assistant of the Research and Development – Flour Division in a Food Manufacturing Company in Cebu, where I directly report to the Research and Development Manager. My responsibilities include; providing assistance to Product Development Specialist in terms of project management, raw materials, ingredients and equipment needed for the testing and analysis. I am also the point person handles and oversee the day-to-day activities of both bakeshop and laboratory – function as Laboratory Administrator. My assistance to the group also includes clerical functions – gathering analysis results of the samples forwarded to us from different support groups in conducting profile and evaluation referencing our products as standard (also called – competitor evaluation), responsible in requesting and processing of petty cash – used in purchasing of various items needed in sample evaluation, requesting and processing of Cash Advances – for activities like attending seminar, trainings, workshops and other activities that requires funds and ensures the availability of chemicals and other ingredients to be used in both physicochemical laboratory & bakeshop.

Professional Secondary School Teacher with a specialization in Technology and Livelihood Education for Grades 7 – 10 in a private School for almost a year. The job requires focus and mastery of the subject matter along with close monitoring of the children under my care. Give constructive feedback to parents on the progress of their children in school. It also includes preparation and formulation of test questionnaire for every grading period, giving grades and merits to the outstanding student who performed on top among their classmates while instilling care and discipline to each and every student under my subject.