Email Marketing – is the targeting of consumers and customer through electronic Mails (email). Email campaign includes sending out announcements, promos, and coupons regarding your products and services offered.

This service lets you promote products and services through email marketing, where you need to send some promo advertisements, discounts and other strategies to sell your products and services online without it doing face to face. Email Marketing is targeting your potential clients and customer through electronic mail (email). This strategy is much advance to the traditional one (direct mailing). You can promote your products and services to your prospects through their personal email address.

Almost all people around the world have an email address and almost everyone using social media is a businessman, ranging from small – online sellers, drop shippers, retailers to medium businesses and even big corporations. Businesses opt to use this strategy since it’s most effective and requires less physical interaction. Applying email marketing in promoting your business is also cost-effective, no or less cost on transportation in doing campaigns, you just need a computer and an internet connection, then you’re done, less time wasted thus saving you energy. The time and resources you save from the campaign can now be used to improve the physical material which you will be used for the physical demo of your products and services.
When the business is quite popular and demanding, your inbox could be flooded with emails from product inquiry, service upgrade and so on. Email Management will come in since, you don’t want to be rude to your potential clients, and you want them to know that you appreciated their effort, you are happy to be of service to them. But you cannot let them know you’re having a hard time reading each email, replying one by one, requiring a lot of time. Honestly, managing email requires hard work and time, you have to set a schedule when to answer an email when to reply and say no to a marketing offer and so on. offers you this service to free you from hassle. We provide service and treat every business an entity with a highly confidential background. We know very well how trust and respect works and it works two ways to established rapport and sound business relationship.

Price: Php 15, 500.00 (20-30 days)