Before blogging become a business, let us have a definition of what is a blog. A blog is an online journal, an informal one discussing one’s point of view on a certain product or service one has recent experience or use. A blog can be from a personal experience doing product testing, personal experience gained from a recent activity you’re engaged in and from his/her observation on certain behavior displayed or witness. Once a blog is published, the readers from different locations of the world thru the worldwide web can actively engage and share their comments, feedback or suggestion on the topic.

How can a blog be used in a business? A blog is very much useful for small business to have their name in the online world. Bloggers – the one who writes a blog about a certain topic related to your business can make a noise, an advertisement, a PR. How can these be? A blogger can share the experience he/she has when using your products, accessing the services you offer. A blog that contains your products or services and the positive feedback from the blogger help the readers and online audience creates an impression that the products/services you offer are worth to try, thus driving them to purchase.

How these benefits the business in the Long-term? Updated blog posts published about your company, about the products and services you offer can entice your audience online. A blog can help connect people to your brand, can help and create opportunities for others. Each blog about your company, about your service, about your product, can create a connection to your existing customers and visitors. The blog should contain any information that could help readers out there, they can ask questions and you can gain information. Over time, you can gain trust from your readers and visitors by giving valuable insight.

Why we offer blogging services? We know that as a startup, it’s not easy to compete with the big brands, to the stable brands out there. We want to help you, our business partners and client create and establish a name of their own, making your own business stand out from the crowd. We want to help you and your business create an impact into the workforce and eventually become an established brand and name.

Price: Php 250.00 per 500 words