I’m a businesswoman/freelancer. Lately, with the sponsorship of the Provincial and National Government, specifically the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), I am introduced to the new ground of digital marketing. The subject gives me new found awareness to the digital realm and the opportunity it offers. Challenging it is but at the same time promising to my part.

I’m new in freelancing career and a scholar of the Department of Information and Communication Technology. I have undergone an intense training in Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training (RISTT) just recently. These training modules focused on the following:
• Branding for Companies, Products, Service
• Web Development
• Product Photography, Content Writing
• CRM & Email Follow Through
• Data Privacy & Cybercrime Law and Digital Marketing Ethics
• Search Engine Optimization & E-Mail Marketing
• Social Media Content Planning and Calendar
• Business Blogging
• Social Media Content Creation
• Building a Freelancer Profile

Currently, I am developing a website and social media marketing campaign for a local cooperative.
Being new to this field, I am very willing to broaden my knowledge and professionalism for the better. My priority is to make my client satisfied of my work. Having this experience at hand, I believe that I am improving in a pace substantial to attain competitiveness to the market demands. DICT training modules are truly amiable to us refreshing students and the tedious tasks at hand developed a forceful learning mechanism that is truly effective.

In addition, I’m a benevolent, dependable, trustworthy, agreeable and approachable person.
I am willing to work with you soon!