We are a team with a strong background in creating a modern and responsive design for web and mobile. We believe that your business should have its profile online, and we are committed to give your business branding profile be it on social media or on any other platforms you wish to have. Your business branding should stand out from the rest is what we aim for, every website we developed should have a unique profile, every account we promote should leave a mark in every platforms, and every customer who visits your website would gain something valuable that gives them insights and they would come back for more .

We are now in the Computer Information Age, thus most people are already introduced to the Digital World. We surely are aware that many local stores fail to see this strategy as helpful due to lack of information. We can give answers to your questions and clear those second thoughts or hesitations. Helping you boost your sales is just one thing. We can help build your social media presence and improve your marketing strategy through Digital Marketing.

Webtekx founders completed the intensive Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training (RISTT) Program by the Philippine Government that focuses on digital marketing, E-commerce, Web Development and Social Media Marketing. From such training, we learned and experienced developing an E-commerce Website and execute a full-pledged digital marketing campaign. We have varied scopes, course and school background, experiences and niche. We are different but we are ONE working through our common goal.

Each one of us drives for perfection and can work interchangeably thereby supporting each other’s struggles and difficulties. We uphold our mission to support and bring your start-up business to the whole new level. We have each other’s profile publish to let you know who we are on the background, what we do before, what can we do now and what else can we do in the future. We believe that if we are united, there’s nothing we cannot do, that goes to your business, if we just hold hands and bring ideas into reality, no one or nothing can stop us from achieving what we want.